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Since 1999, White Plume has helped over 5,000 physicians improve their revenue cycle.

We understand the challenges you face with regulations using your EHR and/or PM software.
We want to help you provide quality care while maintaining efficient workflows. 
We understand you need to balance both operational and financial performance.
We listen to your specific needs, challenges & scenarios to provide the best solution.
Empower your practice and start improving your revenue cycle with White Plume. 
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Operational & Financial Performance

Enhance your medical practice software from the point of care to claim submissions. Simplify your workflows with custom solutions that work with your existing EHR/PM Software. Government regulations forced providers to enter encounter information, such as CPT and ICD-10 codes, in an EMR causing major disruption. The additional time, effort and cost imposed by EMRs results in doctors seeing fewer patients and less revenue. 

Give Doctors Their Time Back

White Plume enables your doctors to enter data quickly and accurately so that providers can spend less time in front of the screen and more time with patients. We also closely follow all new regulations and code changes, automatically updating our platforms so you have one less thing to worry about. Save time and reduce burnout with White Plume.


“What took us an hour before, takes ten minutes with ePASS.”

Kenda Hearne | Austin Heart

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Automate Charge Entry & Capture Missed Charges

Say goodbye to your paper Superbill and complicated EMR templates! Our customized electronic encounter forms work with your existing systems to maintain your current workflow, provide coding accuracy, and minimize clicks while automating charge entry for  your practice. 

Average hospital revenue cycles are losing roughly $22 million to missed revenue charges annually. We have a better way to automatically capture those potential missed charges. Every charge is reviewed against a comprehensive code edit, custom rules and workflow engine to ensure you capture all eligible charges with each and every claim.
No one likes dealing with denied claims.
Re-working those claims is a burden that takes time & energy to solve. Our automated software works to prevent denials on the front end so claims are paid completely and correctly the first time with clean submissions.

revenue cycle analytics

We helped one practice reduce denial rates by 25% in their first year with us.

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Advanced Revenue Cycle Analytics

With advanced revenue cycle analytics-you can drive and measure performance, find overlooked revenue opportunities, and make better decisions. What you don't know might be hurting your revenue cycle. With analytics you can make data driven decisions.  Analytics makes it easy to monitor, measure and manage your accounts receivables, denials, collections and payor contracts. 

With revenue cycle analytics you can also better assess your processes and compare your operations to your peers. Our solutions provide deep visibility into your organization’s financial and operational data so you can efficiently manage your revenue cycle & drive better outcomes.

Dedicated Support & Service
We're here for you and your practice. Our dedicated support team is ready to help you each step of the way. 

get paid faster 

We save our clients an average of over $10,000 per provider per year. Find out how much you could save.

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