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Finally, an Intuitive EHR Screen Designed By and For Doctors

With White Plume you can customize your EHR screen to support the exam room visit. How much time do you spend reviewing the electronic patient chart before your exam? Does it slow you down or contribute to burnout? Design your EHR screen to get all the data you need to see quickly and easily. See everything you need on a single screen without looking through multiple tabs. Plus, you don't have to worry about replacing your EHR. Screens can be adapted to your specialty for quick and easy access to the data you care about most. Spend less time in your EHR & more time with your patients. Complete the form to get started. 

What Physicians Have to Say About Their EHR Frustrations: 

"Technology should make my life simpler, not more complicated." 

"When you are angry or frustrated at the EHR, it's hard to connect with your patients."

"We can do better than this." 

"A screen designed by me and for me will be better than one designed by a software company."

"Trying to force a square peg into a round hole just won't work in medicine."

"I'd like to have an additional 45 minutes to an hour per day back in my life."

White Plume understands the problem and wants to help solve some of these frustrations with our innovative software solutions. 

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